Ages 3 - 5.  (Temporarily suspended due to Covid-19.)

Ages 5+.

Ages 7+. Must have Level 2 skills mastered.

Ages 8+. Must have level 3 skills mastered.

Ages 9-14.  Levels 1-4.

Enrollment requests may be made through the PARENT PORTAL or by phone or email.


Ages 6+.  Must have Level 1 skills


class enrollment

ENROLLMENT:  When registering, choose your end date or leave it blank to enroll continuously.  Automatic payments will be run on the 20th of the prior month.  We do not charge an annual membership or registration fee.  To drop or change classes, email us at before the 20th.

TRIAL CLASS: Not sure if your child will like gymnastics at Flip City?  Sign up for just one class to try it out.  Please schedule in advance through the Parent Portal or via phone or email.  Students must meet age and skill mastery requirements for the desired class. When in doubt, a student should try a class that may be too easy rather than a class that may be too advanced.  Scheduling a trial class does not reserve your child's spot in that class time.

ATTIRE: Gymnasts should wear a one-piece leotard and shorts/leggings or soft, tight-fitting athletic attire.  No skirts, bra tops, socks, tights covering the feet, jewelry, zippers, or buttons.  Long hair must be tied back.

COVID PRECAUTIONS: When attending in-person classes at the gym, bring a filled water bottle and a tight-fitting mask.  See our Covid Precautions page for a more complete list.