Sign up now in the PARENT PORTAL. Can't find a class that fits your schedule?  Email us at info@flipcity.biz.  We may know of an upcoming opening.


When registering, choose your start and end dates or leave the end date blank to enroll continuously until notifying us otherwise.


Class tuition fees are due on the 20th of each month for the following month.  We do not charge an annual membership or registration fee.  To drop or change classes, un-enroll through the Parent Portal or email us at info@flipcity.biz before the 20th.


Not sure if your child will like gymnastics?  Sign up for just one class to try it out.  Please schedule in advance through the Parent Portal or via phone or email.  Students must meet age and skill mastery requirements for the desired class. When in doubt, a student should try a class that may be too easy rather than a class that may be too advanced.  Scheduling one class does not reserve your spot in the future.


Please notify us of an absence prior to class.  We will then apply a makeup class token to your account to be used at a later date. We cannot grant refund or credit requests made after any missed classes have occurred.


Please do not send your child to class when they have symptoms of a contagious illness.  We would much rather a child attend a makeup class at a later date than come to class sick. Please email or call us prior to class when this is the case in order to receive a makeup class token.  Although not guaranteed, makeup classes are usually available. Only classes of the same level with an open spot may be used. Makeup classes must be scheduled in advance through the parent portal or by contacting the front desk staff.


If a student will be missing classes due to injury or illness, a prorated credit will be issued based upon the date we were notified. Credit requests made after the classes have occurred eliminate our opportunity to fill a vacated class spot and will not be granted.


One-piece leotard and shorts/leggings or soft, tight-fitting athletic attire.  No skirts, bra tops, socks, tights covering the feet, jewelry, zippers, or buttons.  Long hair must be tied back.


When attending classes at the gym, bring a filled water bottle.

All classes are open to any gender.  We teach basic skills for both boys' and girls' gymnastics through Level 1.  Level 2+ classes teach skills on girls' apparatuses.

Ages 2-3.  Girls' & Boys' apparatuses.

Ages 4 - 5.  Girls' & Boys' apparatuses.

Ages 6-10.  Girls' & Boys' apparatuses.

Ages 7+.  Girls' apparatuses.

Ages 11-17.  Girls' apparatuses.

Ages 6+.  Girls' apparatuses.