COVID Precautions


At Flip City, we take Covid-19 very seriously.  The nature of our programs has been very fluid this year as we adjust protocols based on virus stats in our area.  Our decisions are based primarily on the infection rate and number of hospitalizations in our county, found on the

Dane County Covid-19 Data Dashboard.


Everyone who enters the building is required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times.  This rule applies to persons of all ages, whether included in the county and state mask mandates or not.  If students do not have a mask, we will provide them with one.  If unable to wear a mask throughout class, we recommend signing up for one of our online classes instead of in-person.


Social Distancing


We are limiting the number of students in each class at a time to 8.  This number is evaluated on a monthly basis.


We are asking parents not to stay and watch.  Instead, please feel free to come in during the last 5-10 minutes so your child can show you the skills they worked on.  If you have a Google Drive account, we can also send you videos of skills done during class.

Classes are scheduled with 15 minutes between each to avoid customer overlap and allow for thorough disinfection of equipment.

Kindergym and Preschool classes are suspended due to the difficulty of keeping the little ones socially distant.  Students under age 5 can attend private lessons individually or with siblings.  Email to schedule these.

Not Sharing is Caring

Gymnasts need to bring their own filled water bottles.  We are not using the water cooler.

Students who use chalk for bars (Level 3+) are given their own ziplock bag of chalk to be kept at the gym.

Air Purification

We are utilizing an iWave-R "air purifier" in the gym space.  This system uses ionization to remove hydrogen molecules from pathogens, causing them to become inactive.


Our staff disinfect mats and equipment between every practice and often between rotations.  Older students disinfect items they used before switching stations.

We are providing hand sanitizer via touchless dispensers and requiring that students use it between equipment rotations.

Storage of Belongings

Upon entering the building, students leave their shoes on a mat and place other belongings in a clean bin.  When leaving, they put the used bin in a dirty stack.  Bins are then disinfected by staff before being reused.


We are only participating in virtual competitions this season.  Even with meets allowing just 1 spectator per gymnast, this still brings 70+ people into a space at one time.  While we love competing, we feel that the risk to ourselves, our gym families, and public health supersedes our personal desires to attend these large in-person events.

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