COVID Precautions


Social Distancing


We are reducing the number of students in the gym at one time to 8 in order to make sure we can keep everyone working in their own space.


Our front lobby is closed.  Students are asked to wait outside the back door or in their vehicles until class time.  Students will be dismissed from class through the back of the building as well.


Parents may watch class from outside the overhead door.  Please wear a mask when within 6’ of another person.


Air Flow

The overhead door will be open and the fans on to increase air flow.  Students should expect it to be hot in the gym when it’s hot outside and dress accordingly.

Parts of class, such as warmup, stretching, and conditioning may be done outside as weather allows.  Students should bring tennis shoes.



Students are asked to wear masks when coming and going or moving about the gym.  If they do not have one, we will provide them with one.  They may remove them to practice while more than 6 feet away from another person.  If a student needs a coach’s spot on a skill, they will put their mask back on, except if it poses a safety risk when performing that particular skill.

Staff will wear masks when they are likely to be within 10’ of another person.


Not Sharing is Caring

Gymnasts need to bring their own filled water bottles.  We are not using the water cooler.

Students who use chalk for bars (Level 3+) are given their own ziplock bag of chalk to be kept at the gym.



Our staff disinfect mats and equipment between every practice and often between rotations.  Older students disinfect items they used before switching stations.

We are providing hand sanitizer via touchless dispensers and requiring that students use it between equipment rotations.

Students will wipe their feet with cleansing wipes before using equipment.

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