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COVID Precautions


At Flip City, we take Covid-19 very seriously.  The nature of our programs has been very fluid the last couple of years

as we've adjusted protocols based on recommendations by the CDC and the Dane County Public Health department.


Those who have symptoms of a potentially contagious illness are asked to please wear a mask while inside the building.  Students who are ill should not attend class.  Instead, please notify us of the absence prior to class.  We will then apply a makeup token to your account to be used at a later date.

Parent Viewing

Space is limited.  Please avoid bringing a crowd.

Not Sharing is Caring

Gymnasts need to bring their own filled water bottles.  We are not using the water cooler.  Gymnasts may refill their bottles from the tap as needed.

Upon entering the building, students leave their shoes on a mat and place other belongings in a clean bin.  When leaving, they put the used bin in a dirty stack.  Bins are then disinfected by staff before being reused.

Ventilation & Filtration

We are utilizing an iWave-R air purifier in the gym space.  This system uses ionization to render viruses inactive.


The overhead door is open whenever weather allows.


Our staff disinfect mats and equipment frequently.  Older students disinfect items they used.

Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the space.

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